Welcome to the Garden Bubble

What happens in the bubble garden?

In that small sphere of beauty drifting through a black hole?

Come find out.

The garden in this blog was built as a refuge during adversity and illness. It was built looking for joy – we dug deep into the soil as we were trying to find it. It is – in the words of one of the children who live in it – ‘the safe place’. The bubble. It is built by a family, with the help of more family, in memory of family lost – in soil other families have cultivated before us. It is full of history – and yet – art in the form of a garden is short-lived, ever dying. Thankfully. For in a garden death is fertilizer – it feeds life.

Have you googled ‘garden inspiration’ and then flipped through all the images? Are you dreaming about a greenhouse? Do you like tomatoes? Do you keep a list of the birds in your back yard? Do you want to know about moths? Are you into art and comics? Have you suffered burn out? Or – are you simply curious what happens when two people who spent years doing fieldwork in ecology and biology – on three continents – are suddenly chained by illness to one small plot in southern Sweden? This garden is a garden built as a safe place to isolate – long before Covid. Through it we prove to ourselves that we are lucky after all.

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