Welcome to the Garden Bubble

What happens in the bubble garden?

In that small sphere of beauty drifting through a black hole?

Come find out.

The garden in this blog was built as a refuge during adversity and illness. It was built looking for joy – we dug deep into the soil as we were trying to find it. It is – in the words of one of the children who live in it – ‘the safe place’. The bubble. It is built by a family, with the help of more family, in memory of family lost – in soil other families have cultivated before us. It is full of history – and yet – art in the form of a garden is short-lived, ever dying. Thankfully. For in a garden death is fertilizer – it feeds life.

Have you googled ‘garden inspiration’ and then flipped through all the images? Are you dreaming about a greenhouse? Do you like tomatoes? Do you keep a list of the birds in your back yard? Do you want to know about moths? Are you into art and comics? Have you suffered burn out? Or – are you simply curious what happens when two people who spent years doing fieldwork in ecology and biology – on three continents – are suddenly chained by illness to one small plot in southern Sweden? This garden is a garden built as a safe place to isolate – long before Covid. Through it we prove to ourselves that we are lucky after all.

Our latest posts

Too much heat? How we managed to seriously overproduce chili

So yeah. We built a new front garden. And this year we decided to start pre-cultivation of our vegetables really really early. And those two facts somehow combined into chili madness. Thing is, Sweden isn’t really ‘chili country’. Wrong climate zone and all. And yet we’ve grown copious amounts of chili outdoors this season. ThisContinue reading “Too much heat? How we managed to seriously overproduce chili”

Wild mushrooms, a new house for the chicken and harvest big and small

We’re happy autumn is here. It’s a good time of year in these parts. School is back on after nine weeks of vacation, the forests are full of mushrooms and harvest is everywhere. Evenings grow dark and mornings aren’t unbearably sunny any longer. In Scandinavia summer nights only give you a few precious hours ofContinue reading “Wild mushrooms, a new house for the chicken and harvest big and small”

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